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The Wizarding World's Most Prolific Family

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This is a community in the same vein as malfoy100 and neville100, but made specifically for the Weasley crew. The idea of this community and the setup of it are both taken from these communities and others like them.

There are nine Weasleys... nine! What better family to write drabbles about? There is no shortage of inspiration from these nine, to be certain. Seven wonderful men and two fiery women. You can't beat it.

This community is in the very beginning stages, so be patient!

Members: Anyone can join, and anyone can post. I only ask that your post be on-topic to the challenge of the week and be mindful of ratings.

Posting: There will be a new challenge weekly, posted on Sundays. All posts must be on-topic to the challenge and timely-- that is, not regarding a challenge that has already passed. Rules of the posts are as follows:

- All drabbles must be 100 words... exactly. That's the fun part of the process!
- All drabbles must include at least one Weasley
- All drabbles must stand alone. They cannot be parts taken from a larger work.
- All ratings are allowed, but an R or NC-17 rating must be noted in the header (which is detailed below).
- Mature themes are welcome here; however, be thoughtful. If your piece contains violence, rape, incest, underaged sexual behavior, or any other themes you feel just might be questionable, please include that in your header.
- Crossovers and original characters, while not prohibited, are strongly discouraged. These sorts of characters are hard to follow in a 100-word drabble.
- At the moment, drabbles per challenge are UNLIMITED. This is subject to change if the community grows. If you post more than two drabbles per challenge, please be considerate and place them under a cut.
- Any post that is found problematic is subject to a warning by the mods. If action is not taken by the poster, mods reserve the right to delete the post at any time. Posts not adhering to the rules stated above are subject to warning and deletion.

Word count: Word count does not include header, title, etc. A safe way to count is by using your MSWord counter. If you're paranoid like me, you hand-count as well.

Subject Line and Header:
Please include the title in your subject line and the following in your header:
- Title
- Word Count (It should be 100, assuming all goes as planned)
- Characters
- Challenge (List by name and/or number)
- Notes (Here is where to put your warnings, etc., or other Author's Notes)

Points System: As yet, there are no points awarded at Weasley100. As the community grows, I would like to institute this, depending on the wishes of the community at large.

Art: Art and artists are welcome on weasley100 and have slightly different rules.
- Art posts must pertain to challenges OR can be fanart to drabbles written for recent challenges
- Art posts should be placed under a cut and should have the following header:
* Title (or description, i.e. "pencil sketch", "digital art", etc.)
* Characters
* Challenge
* Notes (This area should include if you are making fanart for a particular
- If this community goes to a points system, art will still be welcome, but exempt from points-- sorry! There's simply no way to count art words! If you have any ideas on how to otherwise do this, please contact me!

Commenting: If you comment on drabbles-- and I strongly encourage it!-- please be constructive and considerate. Don't say something to an author you wouldn't like to have said to you, and under no circumstances may you flame an author for something they have warned about in their notes. This is grounds for disciplinary action.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Shoot them to weasley100@gmail.com